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Shivansh offers a distinctive blend of hospitality and eco-tourism in Tadoba National Park, promising guests a memorable stay deeply rooted in the natural beauty and culture of the region. With comfortable accommodations and a menu featuring both vegetarian and non-vegetarian local cuisine, guests are treated to a taste of authentic flavors. The Live Kitchen concept elevates the dining experience, allowing guests to witness and even participate in the preparation of their meals, fostering a deeper connection with the food and culture of the area.
More than just a place to rest, Shivansh provides an immersive experience, encouraging guests to explore and engage with the surrounding village environment. Through guided tours and activities, visitors can discover the rich biodiversity of the national park and learn about the traditions and customs of the local community. Sustainability is at the core of Shivansh’s ethos, ensuring that guests can enjoy luxury without compromising the environment.
Overall, Shivansh embodies the perfect harmony between luxury, sustainability, and cultural immersion, offering guests an unforgettable journey into the heart of Tadoba National Park.
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Shivansh Live Kitchen: A Culinary Journey of Tradition and Taste

Shivansh Live Kitchen offers a truly immersive culinary adventure, blending tradition with modern comfort in a captivating way. The idea of cooking over a traditional chulha not only adds authenticity but also infuses the air with the enticing aroma of local spices and flavors. Guests witnessing their meals being prepared right in front of them creates a sense of anticipation and connection to the food and its origins.
Moreover, the opportunity to engage in activities like fishing and cooking your own catch adds an exciting and interactive element to the dining experience, allowing guests to appreciate the journey from farm or stream to table. It’s a delightful way to foster a deeper connection with nature, culture, and the food we enjoy. Shivansh Live Kitchen truly encapsulates the essence of a holistic and enriching culinary experience, where every dish tells a story and every bite is savored with appreciation.

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Meet Our Family

Mr. Sunil

Sunil, the owner of the cottages at Shivansh, is a passionate businessman for preserving the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the village environment. With a deep connection to the local community, Sunil is committed to offering guests more than just a place to stay – he provides a gateway to authentic village life.
As a seasoned host, Sunil shares his intimate knowledge of the area, guiding guests through immersive experiences that showcase the traditions, flavors, and rhythms of rural living. Whether it's organizing village walks, cultural performances, or culinary workshops, Sunil ensures that every guest leaves with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the village lifestyle.
With warmth and hospitality, Sunil welcomes guests into his world, where every interaction is an opportunity to forge meaningful connections and create lasting memories. Under his guidance, visitors to Shivansh not only enjoy a comfortable stay but also embark on a transformative journey of discovery and enrichment in the heart of the village environment.

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Gaurav Bhoyar
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Mohanish somnathe
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